A downloadable game for Windows


Welcome to Bioday the world's population has being turned in to zombies by humans tampering with there food. it is your job to survive as long as possible.

What is the game about?

Game is a top down zombie shooter where you have to attempt to score the highest score possible

This game has only being developed on the windows operating system and will not work on mac or Linux.

  • 9 zones
  • zombies with random spawns
  • 2 power up bullets
  • easy to play
  • multiple characters
  • both WASD and arrow key controls

There will not be any more updates for this game as It is the final product but if there is a major bug found I will fix it.

Install instructions

Download and run the .exe then follow the set up.


bio_day_beta_1_6_2-Default- 5 MB