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In Plunger Frog you are playing as a frog named Plunger who has plunger feet. The aim of the game is to jump over as many gaps as possible without touching them. This is done in order to score points.


Tap to jump between top and bottom.


Updates 1_5

•Jump animation added
•Gradient backgrounds
•Gradient gaps
•Plunger moved further in screen
•Scoring change
•New control scheme (single tap)
•More frames in retroblade animation
•Random gaps


privacy policy this game does not collect data or have micro transactions.

Published Nov 24, 2015
AuthorLewis Whittard
Tagsandroid, endless-runner, windows

Install instructions


The windows version of the game is the one that is labelled .exe. To intall this game you will need to download the game to a location on your computer of your choice and unzip the game. This is done by right clicking on the zip file and clicking Extract All.


plunger frog1_5.zip 2 MB
PlungerFrogZX.z80 6 kB
PlungerFrogZX.zxk 65 bytes

Also available on


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It works well on windows, I have not yet tried it on Android.

Possible fixes:

Instead of Plunger being teleported to a location, he/she could move to that location over the course of a few seconds to create the effect of Plunger jumping to the roof/floor.
Also, Plunger could be animated to make it look live it is hopping as currently he/she slides.

Apart from these few 'issues' it is a great start and a fun game to play, keep up the good work!